Preparatory College


These science courses have two overall goals:

– To teach basic skills which are needed by all students. These skills include analytical skills, problem solving skills, teamwork skills, communication skills, etc.

– To understand how basic sciences are implemented to solve practical problems in medicine or any area of interest to society.
English Language and Computer

Since most of the students studied in Arabic at their secondary schools, the shifting from Arabic to English is another major problem for most of our students. However, it is pertinent to mention that a considerable number of students who studied in English or lived abroad possess inadequate Arabic language or they do not know Arabic at all. The English language course is well designed to accommodate both groups.

At the beginning of the semester, there are big differences between the two groups of the students, but by the end of semester one, all students are more or less of the same standard, especially in understanding the scientific materials. Nevertheless, those who were weak in English language still find difficulty in expressing themselves.

The computer course is also designed to accommodate literate and illiterate students.


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