Preparatory College

Course Phases

Scientific Courses (Cell-Biology, Human-Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Biostatistics)

Scientific courses are compulsory for all students that meet four times a week in classrooms and laboratories.

About half of the courses are taught interactively in a cooperative learning environment in practical sessions where the students work in groups to train and solve the course requirements. The remainder of the course is taught in a lecture environment, where our emphasis is on the relationship between the basic sciences and medical sciences. There is a special emphasis on running a weekly problem solving tutorial for each subject. To build a close bond between the freshmen students and their tutors, class size does not exceed 15 students per tutor. These classes are taught by faculty members from various departments within the Preparatory College.

Instructional Methods

  • Interactive lectures
  • Tutorials
  • Seminars
  • Practical laboratory


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