Why choose us?

1If you are keen on obtaining high quality pharmacy education and a good career prospect, UMST faculty of Pharmacy is your right choice.
The following are the key points that make our B.Pharm program outstanding:
– UMST has consistently been ranked among the top Sudanese universities in medicine and pharmacy education.
– UMST offers a strong B.Pharm academic program providing solid scientific knowledge and professional skills that ensure the success of our graduates in their future careers.
– Expert academic staff in teaching and research including four full professors in the different pharmacy specializations.3
– External examiners from Europe and the Region participate in and vet the final year B.Pharm examinations ensuring their quality and validity.
– Our students study in small groups enabling one-to-one interaction with academic and professional staff thus greatly enhancing their professional interpersonal skills.
– Our students through close association with other medical and heath sciences students in UMST campus benefit from inter-professional learning during their course of study.
– The faculty of Pharmacy has excellent facilities including well equipped lecture rooms, laboratories as well as access to prominent training sites.
– Our graduates have been successful in securing employment as well as in pursuing higher studies both at home and abroad.

For more information, contact:

+249 183 228614