The general objective of the diploma is to respond to the current major weaknesses in the prevention and control of HIV in Sudan as well as to contribute in the efforts to control and eventually eliminate the epidemic by availing the suitable human resources that have the required mix of knowledge & skills.
Students will be equipped with the appropriate &essential mix of knowledge &skills to assist them in addressing the challenges of managing the HIV program in the Sudan context to meet the set goals & targets towards meeting the global commitments.
At the end of the diploma, the participants will be able to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • Understand the continuum of care for PLHIV and acquire the skills to use it to reducing morbidity and mortality to control the epidemic as the foundation to eliminate it.
  • Understand behaviour change theories and acquire the skills to designing for behaviour change& to developing & using the behaviour change communication approaches.
  • Understand the aspects of HIV&AIDS national & sub-national program management & acquire the practical & essential planning & monitoring skills.
  • Understanding the basic aspects of epidemiology and biostatistics and acquire the most common techniques used for operational research to generate evidence based information.
  • Understand HIV Surveillance basic methods &acquire the skills to plan and implement protocols to strengthen the on-going surveillance system.
  • Appreciate the concepts & skills of leadership and their role in dealing with the HIV&AIDS issues.
  • Motivate the candidates to enroll in a continuous practical education & exchange program of guided reading, case studies presentations in bi-annual seminars/sessions and possibly group field work/visits.

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