Nursing Sciences


The nursing programme is designed to prepare students within the framework of the philosophy, vision and mission of our faculty to be able to:

  • Integrate and utilise principles derived from nursing and allied sciences (bio-physical, psycho-social. etc) in delivery of nursing care and handling specific situations.
  • Demonstrate efficiency in providing holistic, comprehensive nursing care to clients (individuals, families and community) through the application of the nursing process, and evidence-based nursing practice.
  • Apply professional nursing codes of ethics and conduct.
  • Demonstrate ability in interpersonal interaction and communication skills needed to function effectively as a partner and member of the health team.
  • Demonstrate abilities of leadership, creative thinking and making sound decisions.
  • Utilise educational principles and teaching techniques in the education of clients, colleagues, coworkers and communities.
  • Utilize research findings in the improvement of the nursing profession, conduct scientific research in nursing and contribute to health research.
  • Demonstrate interest in commitment to and accountability for continued growth and development both as individual citizens and professional nurses respectively.


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