Pharmaceutical Technology


The course is designed to provide participants with advanced in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical sciences as it relates to the development, processing, quality assurance and control, management and regulation of medicinal products. Emphasis is placed upon both fundamental principles and technology.

  • To provide participants with an in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical sciences as it relates to the development, processing and control of medicinal products.
  • To develop a comprehensive understanding of pharmaceutical processing and manufacturing technologies.
  • To provide a comprehensive overview of the regulatory framework that controls the development, manufacture and distribution of medicinal products and to provide an up to date assessment of the latest trends in pharmaceutical quality systems and GMP.
  • To present a comprehensive appreciation of all stages of the pharmaceutical drug development cycle, ranging from drug discovery, development and clinical trials to registration and post marketing activities.
  • To explain the role of the qualified person (QP) and apply a science based approach to evaluation of the quality safety and efficacy of medicinal products.
  • To broaden the professional development skills of all candidates with an emphasis on developing project management, problem-solving and risk assessment techniques.
  • demonstrate independent learning and the critical thinking ability required for continuing professional development.
  • A comprehensive understanding of the underlying science of biopharmaceutics, bioavailability, bioequivalence, nanotechnology and drug delivery.
  • The ability to design and conduct experiments to evaluate the properties of pharmaceutical materials and products using a variety of laboratory techniques.

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