MSc Medical Laboratory Sciences


The programme has three course sequence areas in which students take advanced theoretical courses: general course sequence, specialty course sequence and research course sequence. A thesis as a partial fulfillment to the course is required. The course is designed to take a full-time student two years to complete. Depending upon their individual experience, graduates of the programme should bring another level of intellectual stimulation to their present position, assume new professional roles, or elect to use their master degree work in preparation for doctoral study.

Accreditation: The Master degree programme is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Credential Conferred: Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences degree.

Length of Study: Approximately two years full-time for certified medical technologists.

The student is certification eligible upon completion of the programme. Students must:

  • Pass required courses with a minimum of 6o%.
  • Present a thesis that reports original research within the student’s chosen discipline, and
  • Pass a final thesis and examination.

For more information, contact:

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