This course aims to produce a graduate who is able to work with the anaesthetic team and generally knows how to prepare for anesthesia, to follow up patients, to assist in recovery of patients from anaesthesia and finally knows the ABCs in resuscitation in major complications.

On completion of this course anaesthesia assistant will be able to:

Know how to take a brief health history of the patient.
Perform simple physical exams to identify any issues that may affect the anaesthesia care plan.
Administering necessary diagnostic and laboratory tests (such as taking blood)
Prepare the patient to be monitored, using noninvasive and invasive methods, as determined by the physician.
Assist with preparatory procedures, such as pulmonary artery catheterization, electroencephalographic spectral analysis, echocardiography and evoked potentials.
Pre-test and calibrate anaesthesia delivery systems and monitors.
Assist in induction, sustaining and adjusting anaesthesia levels.
Ensure continuity of care through the postoperative recovery period.
Assist with life support where required, including airway management.
Perform functions in the intensive care unit and pain clinic.
Perform administrative duties and implement clinical instructions.

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