Course duration

The programme will be implemented through two years, four semesters. The first three semesters will include theory and practical training. The duration of each semester is (6) six months (16 weeks tuition per semester plus examination periods and vacations.
The fourth semester (last 6 months) will be for submission of thesis and continuation of sub-specialty practical training.

Study Language:

English language (Arabic language can be used to help as explaining material during lectures) .

Teaching methods and strategies:

– Lectures and Tutorials.
– Group discussions.
– Seminars.
– Demonstrations.
– Hospital Work (including: major and minor theaters, ICU, sterilisation department and emergency department).

Award of the degree:

The Senate of UMST shall award the Post-Graduate Master upon the recommendation of the Graduate College after successful completion of all the degree requirements.

The master course will be assessed through the following:

Input from students, employees at the university and participants from other hospitals.
Analysis of examination results.

For more information, contact:

      +249 183 228614, +249 183 226206