Ministry of Higher Education Committee Visit UMST

UMST’s President, Prof. Hassan Ahmed Ali, received a committee from the Ministry of Higher Education on Wednesday 6 November, 2017. The committee, which is composed of Prof. Sar Al-Khatim Othman Al-Amin, Professor Mokhtar Othman Al-Siddiq, Dr. Manal Elias Al Khider, Hanadi Saleh and Ikhlas Mohammed Sedik, arrived to discuss the final details in the process of establishing the Faculty of Print Technology at the university.

The convened meeting between the visiting committee and its hosts was presided over by Professor Hassan Ahmed Ali and was attended by Dr. Ahmed Elhag, Dean of the Faculty of Print Technology, Dr. Siham Suliman, Dean of the Preparatory Faculty, Mahdi Omar, Director of al-Somoud Printing Press, and two specialists in Printing and Packaging technologies, Dr. Abdel Moneim Ahmed al-Bashir and Ahmed Mohamed Wida’a. Professor Hassan answered all the inquiries raised by the visiting committee. The committee also took time to inspect facilities the university is providing to enable the Faculty of Print Technology to effectively play its role as a pioneering institute in Sudan. The committee’s tour included lecture theatres and laboratories, as well as the University Press, which will be further enhanced to function as a dedicated center for training the students in the practically oriented areas of printing and packaging. The committee also took advantage of their presence at the Global Conference Center to visit its halls and to learn about its various functions and state of the art facilities.

At the end of the meeting, the members of the committee, collectively and individually, expressed their full satisfaction with the possibilities and facilities and confirmed their conviction that the Faculty will be another welcomed addition of value and significance to the plethora of faculties that combined to make of UMST a renowned center of excellence. The committee also proposed a number of valuable suggestions which Professor Hassan promised to incorporate within the Faculty’s curriculum and programs. Prof. Hassan also emphasized that the university has already shown ample commitment to secure all elements required to guarantee the success of the Faculty of Print Technology, including paper and electronic references and text books, together with qualified lecturers and competent technicians.