Ministry Environmental Health Officials Visit UMST

Director of Alawia Imam Pharmaceutical Research and Development Institute, Professor Younis and delegates from environmental health department, Ministry of Health Khartoum State: Dr. Abdelah Bakhit and Dr. Abdelmoneum Ali had reached an agreement to start a collaborative link involving the following activities;

  • Exchange of information on analytical techniques and laboratory procedures; that is: Follow-up of recently validated analytical methods published by internationally accredited standardization organizations.
  • Joint Research projects within the following fields Occupational and public health:
    • Indoor and outdoor air pollution (Petrol stations, refinery and chemical industries)
    • Determination of lead exposure levels in the air of industrial sites, gasoline stations and residential sites.
    • Water pollution (Health-risk-based Assessment
    • Food pollution (mycotoxins in general and aflatoxin contamination).
    • Pesticides residues in agricultural commodities.
    • Analysis of toxic additives in foods and drinks (bread and milk to start now)
  • Collaboration in Short term research projects (specific research projects will be announced very shortly)
  • Collaboration in Long term research projects (to be designed in near future)
    Assistance in laboratory know-how
    Advisory and consultancy consignment and bilateral delivery of health related research.

    • Any matters and arising issues related to public health that need scientific solution will be placed into focus and study.