Programme Coordinator, Professor Abdalla O Elkhawad

The need for qualified pharmacologists is in line with the large numbers of medical schools in the country. We have graduated hundreds of master students in three main specialisations:

  • Clinical pharmacy/pharmacology
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Basic Pharmacology

The success of this master is evidenced by the large number of our graduates who are teaching in several medical schools, paramedical institutions and the great number of clinical pharmacists who are working in teams in several hospitals for the benefit of patients care. The programme takes over 70 candidates every year which is one third of the numbers who apply attesting to the popularity of the offering. Our graduates are working in Sudan, the region, Europe, and North America.


The pharmacology master programme offers the opportunity to do research in all aspects of pharmacology, clinical pharmacy and pharmacokinetics.

Our graduates are very popular in all medical schools, Ministry of Health, and teaching staff in different academic institutions nationally, in the region and internationally.

Our Master programme is accredited in the United States by many Accreditation Boards. Our graduates are also accepted in Canada.

For more information, contact:

     0183228614 or 0183224175.