Pharmaceutical Technology

Acting Programme Coordinator, Dr Dhia Eldin Abd Elmagied Elhag

Dr Dhia Eldin Abd Elmagied ElhagThe course is designed for graduates in pharmacy who are contemplating a career, or currently employed in the pharmaceutical industry (Research & Development, Drug Information, or registration Departments), Research Institutes, Schools of Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, Laboratories for Quality Assurance of pharmaceutical ingredients and finished products, Drug Licensing or Regulatory Authorities. The programme also prepares graduates for entry into higher research degree programs in appropriate areas of pharmaceutical sciences. The graduates will be equipped with knowledge and skills necessary for providing graduates of high calibre capable of performing the above functions. Prospective students who are already working or aspiring to enter the pharmaceutical industry are invited to apply for enrollment in this programme. Students are allowed to complete the course in four semesters. Upon graduation, the graduates are capable of contributing in various aspects of pharmaceutical industry, ranging from manufacturing, processing, formulation, regulatory compliance, and quality assurance of pharmaceutical ingredients and finished products. The graduates will be equipped with knowledge and skills in formulating and processing of chemical and biological drugs into various pharmaceutical dosage forms; in addition, they will be familiar with the regulatory and quality compliance of pharmaceutical products


The graduate qualification allows pharmacy professionals to develop their chosen career path within the pharmacy profession by providing advanced pharmaceutical knowledge, problem-solving skills and a critical awareness of the role of pharmaceutical services within the workplace.

The range of careers to choose from includes:

  • Drug and pharmaceutical industries’ formulations, production, R&D, quality assurance/control, management.
  • Academic and research institutes
  • Governmental pharmaceutical settings: quality assurance/control, hospital pharmacy, management, drug licensing and registration of pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

For more information, contact:

      83-224175, 83-226206, 83-224706