Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Control

Programme Coordinator, Dr Dhia Eldin Abd Elmagied Elhag

The MSc programme in Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Control is a joint academic programme between the University of Medical Sciences and Technology and the Sudan Academy of Science. The course is designed for pharmacy graduates and other related disciplines seeking a career in pharmaceutical analysis and/or quality control and quality assurance. It is also projected for those who are currently employed in the national regulatory authorities, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, research centers, environmentalists or instructors at universities or high education institutes. Medicines for use by the public are required to meet very strict and exact standards which relates to their quality, safety and efficacy. The evaluation of quality, safety and efficacy for drugs and herbal preparations is estimated and measured by the adoption of certified analytical procedures, which this program has adopted. Quality standardisation of pharmaceutical chemicals and their formulation, additives and other pharmaceutical expedients used in manufacturing and their maintenance in practice, is dependent upon the existence of well trained personnel capable of performing all the required analytical techniques specified in the international pharmacopoeias or specified by the manufacturers or the regulatory authorities (National Drug Policy NDP. Training of these qualified personnel is the main goal of this MSc programme.


Being supplied with the appropriate scientific knowledge, laboratory talents and practical skills needed in pharmaceutical quality control of drugs and pharmaceuticals, the graduates can work in the following areas:

  • Regulatory bodies such as governmental bodies concerned with the quality of drugs
  • Pharmaceutical industries’ quality assurance/control, management, production, Research and Development
  • Academic and research institutes
  • Other related areas

For more information, contact:

      +249 183 224706