MSc Development Studies

Programme Coordinator, Dr Ismail Ahmed Ismail Abbo

Dr IsmailThe Master’s programme in Development Studies is designed with a view to generate, mobilise and share knowledge that transforms developing economies into developed ones where poverty is minimised and social justice is commonplace.
The course trains students in the different facets of development studies and emphasises endowing society with comprehensive visionary development specialists with the competence imperative for furthering the causes of sustainable socioeconomic development and environmental justice. The programme forms an important component of UMST’s arsenal deployed to realise its vision of promoting life-long learning through innovative education and professional development and for extending its influence both locally and internationally.
The course offers master degrees in 6 specialisations: Development Economics; Leadership; Environmental Planning and Policy; Urban Planning; Health and Society; Health Economics and Policy.


The course is carefully designed to equip students with problem-solving skills and state-of-the-art knowledge in development studies. It is also intended to meet modern educational needs and employment requirements. Graduates of the programme are expected to be highly competitive with respect to jobs in the academia, the government and business sectors, consulting and international development organisations.

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