Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Programme Coordinator, Dr Abd Al-Radi Miro

Our courses are designed to enable students to conduct modern business using the latest inputs of science and technology.
The recent trends of globalisation and liberalisation for local and international economies, both in the public and private sectors require human resources with appropriate knowledge and skills necessary for efficient and effective planning, development and management in competitive changing economic environments.
The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at UMST University aims to develop individuals by exposing them to the appropriate knowledge and offering them the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills for pursuing a managerial career.
The program caters to graduates who have undergone prior business experience as well as those with appropriate academic and professional backgrounds in other disciplines, such as health, law, education, engineering, etc.
The MBA program brings together graduates of social sciences and those from a variety of professional areas in the private and public sectors. It provides an opportunity for participants to extend their knowledge and share their work experiences by working with colleagues from diverse fields of specialization. The program is, therefore, analytically oriented: combining lectures, class discussions, case studies, individual and group assignments and development of research skills. Links with the business community, industry and other business institutions are an important component of our MBA programme.


The MBA programme at UMST stands out from the crowd. Our over 1000 graduates work in most well-managed companies at home and abroad. Even well known companies (e.g. Zain, Ram) sponsor their employees to join our programme. We believe our programme at UMST is 2nd to none in the country.


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