Biomedical Engineering

Programme Coordinator, Ms Alaa Sharaf Eldeen Abdalla Abdelraheem

Biomedical Engineering is an exciting and growing field which resides at the interfaces between engineering, medicine and science. The broad goal of the discipline is to solve human healthcare problems through advances in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of human diseases. The Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering will educate post-graduate engineering careers in medical devices and diagnostic industry. Its clients are a mix of capable young and adults who seek an advanced professional education that will prepare them for leadership roles in product development, research and consultancy in this promising field.


The Master of Science programme in Biomedical Engineering is an interdisciplinary course of studies, which should provide students with scientific knowledge, skills and methods in the field of biomedical engineering, leading to a scientific qualification and autonomy in the field, our graduates are very popular for all medical engineering companies, ministry of health and teaching staff in different academic insinuations running similar course.

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