MSc Advanced Ultrasound

Programme Coordinator, Dr Helmi Nour

The programme started in 2009 as a fellowship of advanced ultrasound in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. The fellowship programme gained the approval of the higher council of scientific research to be master degree in 2011. The course consists of 18 months of training divided into three semesters; two semesters for practical training and one semester for research. The candidates who are legible for training are specialists of obstetrics and gynecology and technicians (sonographers) with a BSc degree. There are two centers for training: the Academy Charity Teaching Hospital (ACTH) – Khartoum. Students living in the Gulf area are trained in (Dubai/ Abu Dhabi) UAE.


The training programme includes daily hands on training under supervision of senior trainers at ACTH- Khartoum and regular monthly lectures by international expert lecturers from all over the world. The course includes attending two conferences per year, one national and the other international. Batch 1 students attended international conference in Dubrovnik- Croatia in Oct 2009, Batch 2 students attended international conference in Barcelona- Spain in Sep 2010, Batch 3 students and Batch 4 students attended 2 conferences in Cairo and Alexandria – Egypt in 2011and 2012 respectively. The Program involves attending and participating in national conferences. Three local conferences have been held in 2009, 2010, and 2011 at university of medical sciences & technology (UMST).


For more information, contact:

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