Iman Omar Yousif Earns Top Marks with Project

Congratulations to UMST Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology Student, Iman Omar Yousif for earning full marks for her final year project.IMG_7204

Iman was awarded the marks and recommended for the faculty prize by external examiner Dr Mohammed Abdulatef Alshargabi from the University of Najra, Saudi Arabia.

Her programme, Abjad, allows Arabic speaking beginners to learn how to develop.

“The programme will be a great contribution to the community, especially arabs,” Dr Mohammed said.

He went on: “The design steps followed were challenging and  followed by Iman professionally [she is] an outstanding student.

Iman has plans to gain more experience following graduation and aims to develop her programme further and eventually publish online for all to use.IMG_7208

Dr Mohammed also commented on the overall level of the faculty’s students, saying: “They exhibited a good level of knowledge, skills and abilities. I am satisfied with the work I have seen and it meets the standards of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.”

Dr Mohamed, who specialises in Computer Networks, was invited to examine the Faculty’s final year projects. He praised UMST and the faculty specifically for equipping its students with the tools to succeed in the job market and/or pursue further studies.