Faculty of Mass Communications Exhibit 2015

masscommThe faculty of mass communication’s exhibition stand was situated at the fountain side, westernmost part of the University, adjacent to the University’s runway. The stand displayed communication wares from decades ago to date; the wares include newspapers and magazines, analog television set, analog video player, gramophone, analog projectors, analog cameras, analog video cameras etc.

Interviews were held with various guests,guests like Dr. Salah Mohammed Ibrahim (Dean, faculty of mass communication),Professor Mamoun Homeida (Chairman, board of trustees of the University), Dr. Musa Elkhair (senior lecturer at the faculty of mass communication), other staff and some students. Topics of the interviews ranged from vision and mission of the faculty, what the future holds for graduates of the faculty,difference between students of the faculty of mass communication in the university and students from faculty of mass communication in other universities; vision and mission of the university, reason(s) for opening the University,how the first day was; years spent in the university, reason for being in the university, experience gained from working in the University, message to students among many other topics.masscomm2

The day was a fun-filled day, staff from Al-Baraka bank came by and did some promotional exercise and also publicized the ir newly launched mobile banking service. The mobile banking service is an advanced method of making transactions anywhere as long as there is availability of internet, funds can be transferred (sending and receiving),payments can be made, payments like electricity bills, water bills, and air time can also be bought. They also used the opportunity to expand their revenue by opening free accounts to anyone that was interested.

Simultaneously, there was a red carpet at the site where a professional photographer was stationed to snap for free, that augmented his reach out to the public because people knew about him and are prospects to his career.

By: Salihu Ango, Mass Communications student