Electronic Engineering (Control)


Exams/ Thesis committee Evaluation

For Master Program by Courses/modules:

Assessment Scheme:

The assessment scheme shall use a rating scale of letters resembling ranges of marks in percentage, as follows.

90%_______100% Grade (A) +
80%_______89% Grade (A)
75%_______79% Grade (B) +
70%_______74% Grade (B)
60%_______69% Grade (C)
<60% Grade (F)

Award of the Degree:

The Senate of UMST shall award the master degree upon the recommendation of the BGC after successful completion of all the degree requirements.

Grading Scheme:

The award of the Master degree, by courses and thesis shall be based on the student’s average marks for all the semesters.

The master degree shall be awarded with:

80% and above Distinction
70%_______79% Merit
60%_______69% Pass


  1. Coding System :

The following coding system is adopted where for example ENG 611 MD, CON 612 MD

ENG: Engineering Subject, CON (Control)

6: stands for university postgraduate digit

1: stands for first semester

1: stand for first subject

MD:  stands for Master Degree

Thesis procedure:

  • The thesis shall be submitted in partial fulfillment for the requirements of the master’s degree by courses and research and full fulfillment for the degree by research, and shall be based on results of independent research carried out after the registration of the thesis. The thesis shall be in English.
  • The proposal of the master’s thesis topic shall be approved by the FGC/PC/and the ethical committee.
  • The approved topic of a thesis cannot be changed after the lapse of one month from the date of registration of the thesis.
  • After an approval for writing a thesis is granted by the supervisor, a student shall follow the instructions on preparation of the thesis as outlined in the Thesis Manual as approved by BGC. Its application is mandatory, and thesis not conforming to its requirements shall not be accepted.
  • Four copies of the thesis (Ring bounded) shall be submitted by the student to the Registrar of the GC. The Registrar of the GC shall send a copy of the thesis to each member of the thesis examination committee at least (4) weeks before thesis defense.

Thesis Examination Committee:

The master’s thesis committee shall be composed of at least two members recommended by the supervisor and approved by the FGC/PC and the Dean of GC, at least two months before the thesis defense. The members comprise an internal examiner from the faculty or University and an external examiner. All committee members shall hold professorial ranks (assistant, associate, professor)


Thesis defense and Examination:

Each examiner shall submit a separate report on the thesis. The examiners shall also conduct, in committee, an oral examination of the candidate and then write a joint report.

The recommendation of the examiners following the oral examination shall be:

  • Pass with minor corrections and modifications. In such case one of the examiners is entrusted to ascertain that such modifications and/or corrections have been made before recommending acceptance of the thesis for the award of the degree.
  • Pass with major changes. The resubmitted thesis shall be evaluated by an internal examiner who will mark it Pass or Fail.
  • Fail (Rejection of the thesis).

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