Dr Soud Atitalla Ajeeb Publishes Paper in Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry

UMST lecturer at the Preparatory College,  Dr Soud AAA Jeeb has recently published a paper in the Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry .

The research is entitled Bioactivity-guided isolation of two sesquiterpenes with potential anti-fungal activity from Citrullus colocynthis L. Schard).

Phytochemical investigation of aerial parts of C. colocynthis resulted in isolation of two new sesquiterpineMS-6 (Germacr-3-ol-8-en-6,12-oxy-15-oic acid) and MS-2 (5,6-[4,butyl-1,3-dioxino]-7- ene-oxecine) along with several known compounds.

The two compounds have shown potent anti-fungal activity against several all organisms under investigation (Trichophyton rubrum , Microsporum furfur , Microsporum canis, Trichophyton violaceum, Aspergillus niger . Candida albicans ) evaluated by using of Cup-Plate agar diffusion method.

These compounds may provide a chemical moiety for more potent analogues.