Dr Magdi Bayoumi Publishes Book

UMST Dean of Medical Laboratory Sciences,

Dr Magdi Bayoumi

has published

a book, co-authored with Ahmed F Idris from the University of Khartoum.

The book, ‘ Evaluation of Laboratory Biosafety in Khartoum State PHC Centers, Sudan,  assesses the biosafety precautions in primary care health centers in Sudan’s capital city. As part of the research diagnostic laboratories in several localities were selected by stratified simple random sampling technique was assessed by using a designed questionnaire and a check list.


Biosafety during lab work is an important concern in developing countries. Some critical issues concerning biosafety are; lack of personal training, either exceeding workload or working too fast, deciding not to follow safe practices, and skepticism about biohazards. This study aimed to determine the level of biosafety perception and practices of laboratory technicians during routine work in clinical laboratories at Khartoum state primary health care centers, Sudan. Also there is a political attention that appeared healthy to reactivate the role of strategic primary health care centers which have laboratories in the state of Khartoum because of their leader role in education, treatment, promotion and rehabilitation.

The book was published by international publishing group Scholar’s Press and can be purchased online.

Book Details:

ISBN-13: 978-3-659-84362-4