Scholarships & Prizes


UMST annually offers a prize to the best in the final BDS examinations of the Faculty of Dentistry. The prize is to the value of US$200 – if the student scores a minimum aggregate of Grade B+ and not less than grade B in each of the prescribed subjects, OR TO the value of US$1000 – if the student, in addition, maintains an academic record which is not marred by any (F) grade or repetition throughout his/her academic career.


The awarding authority of scholarships is the Academic Board of the university.

The university Scholarships

Scholarships are offered to the best overall student who scores aggregate in his/her final examination provided.

    1. He/she has passed all subjects of the final examination.
    2. His/ her CGPA is not below 4.00*

*NB: In Phase II, the scholarship is offered to the student who scores an aggregate of grade A in the major subjects and not less than grade B+ in any of the subjects, plus an aggregate of grade B+ in the continues subjects, not less than grade B+ in these subjects. Such a student will be exempted from the tuition fees for the following academic year.

Faculty of Dentistry Scholarships

To be offered at the end of each academic year to the student who scores an aggregate of Grade (A) in the main subjects with not less than Grade (B+) in any of the subjects , plus an aggregate of Grade (B+)in the continuous subjects.

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