Course Phases

Courses and Degree

The Faculty of Dentistry conducts a course of studies leading to a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S.) to students who satisfy the regulations and successfully pass the examinations.
Course duration: The course of study is five years (10 semesters). Each year is composed of two semesters made-up of 15-16 weeks, with semester one being 18 weeks.

Curriculum Summary

The curriculum is based on modified traditional curricula and divided into three phases. The first two phases are devoted to the preclinical medical and dental sciences and the principals of general medicine and surgery:
The main features of the preclinical curriculum (Phase I and II) are:

  1. The basic sciences and concepts of the human body build-up are emphasized.
  2. Human’s relation to the environment and to other species is recognized.
  3. The basic medical sciences emphasize the normal structure and function with relevance to clinical sciences.
  4. Integration of basic medical sciences is stressed during the teaching period.
  5. Take into account the buildup of knowledge, attitude and skills of the pre-clinical dental student prior to enrollment in the clinical dental training during the succeeding years.
  6. The teaching approach is:
    1. Student-centered.
    2. Introduces modern and conventional teaching methods.
    3. Introduces medical and dental information as learning tools.

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