The award of the DBA degree requires successful completion of 60 credit hours as follows:

39 credit hours of course work covering:
9 credit hours of mandatory courses in research methods and statistical analysis (3 courses) for all specialisations .
12 credit hours of core courses (4 courses) in the field of specialisation.
3 credit hours of an elective supporting course in each specialisation.
3 credit hours of a skill development course in teaching training and consultancy for all specialisations
The DBA dissertation, which is equivalent to 21 credit hours, to be completed in a minimum of one year and a maximum of 3 years.

Teaching and Delivery Methods

The courses of the DBA will be offered in 4 semesters 3 days a week. The following student centered teaching and delivery methods will be used:

Assignments and presentations
Group discussion
Guest lectures
Field visits

Evaluation and Assessment Methods

Generally the methods of evaluation and assessment give a weight of 50% to the course work assignments and presentations, projects, research, case studies, and 50%to examinations.

Click here to read the Regulations Governing the Award of the DBA Degree.

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