Competency Based Assessment in Nursing Education

compDr Amel Abdelgader Ali, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing Sciences and president of the Sudanese Nursing Colleges Society, opened the workshop set up by the Committee of Education and Training Association of the Sudanese Colleges of Nursing Society.

The workshop was entitled, ‘Competency Based Assessment in Nursing Education’.

It was held at the Al Wataniya University on 21 March, 2016.

It was attended by officials of the committees of education and training colleges of nursing, with the participation of Dr Asim Qureshi,Head of Continuing Professional Development Center at the Al Wataniya University.comp2

UMST lecturer, Ms Maha Jibril also took part in the workshop as the Chairman of the Committee on Education and Training and presented certificates at the end of the workshop to all the attendees and participants.