UMST Combats Acute Watery Diarrhea

IMG_9277UMST professors and graduates from the department of  Public and Tropical Health began work on Thursday 8 June, 2017 in the Mayo area in Khartoum as part of an initiative to combat the spread of acute watery diarrhea through sanitation.IMG_9284

The scheme was formed in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and in partnership with Kenana Sugar Company.

In a two-day field trip, house-to-house visits were conducted and family education provided by the UMST department. Locals were  introduced to and encouraged to use sanitary products that promote cleanliness,  such as soaps and detergents (chlorores), as well as Oral Hydrating Solutions (ORS) for suspected cases.

IMG_9254In addition to the home visits, educational talks were also given in camps, which included a lecture on watery diarrhea, its symptoms, methods of infection and the precautions required to control and avoid contracting the disease.

During the visit, an experiment was also conducted whereby drinking water samples were taken from the main tank and the pump in the area by laboratory specialists accompanying the visiting group in an attempt to determine the source of the infection.

The Public and Tropical Health Department will continue their work this Friday 16 June, 2017.