UMST Scholarships 2017 / منح دراسية مجانية

تزف  جامعة  العلوم  الطبية  والتكنولوجيا  أحر  التهاني  لطلابها  ببداية  العام  الدراسي  في  09/09/2017

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UMST 2nd Clinical Law Program

UMST’s faculty of Law conducted its clinical law program for the second year running. Students worked with Al Shargi Police Station, Court Complex, as well as with Khartoum’s Attorney general. The program was supervised by UMST lecturers, Mr. Daoud Mohammed Osman and Ms. Areej Elnaw.

UMST Academic Exhibition 2016-17

After winning first place in the UMST yearly exhibition in the academic year of 2015/2016, the faculty of law entered this year’s exhibition. The faculty displayed how a forensic investigation is conducted, as well as a drug search using police dogs. Students also during the exhibition the process of a police report.

UMST Faculty of Law: Honoring a Legal Pillar

Law honour 3Several of his ex-students/colleagues along with the faculty of Law (UMST) worked hand in hand to honor one of the legal gurus of the Sudanese legal system Dr. Adil Abdelghani. The event  lasted for a few days and included various workshops, as well as a moot trial which recreated one of Dr. Adil’s previous cases.