Alzaiem Alazhari University Celebrates UMST’s President’s Tenure

honorUMST University’s President Professor Hassan Mohammed Ahmed was honored by the University of Alzaiem Alazhari for his role as Chancellor on Tuesday.

First and foremost a professor of Pediatrics, Hassan Mohammed Ahmed’s ongoing and fruitful career was lauded by his previous colleagues at the Bahri based education institute.

His long list of contributions to Alzaiem Alazhari was celebrated in full on UMST’S campus by the attendees.

Joined by his four children and son-in-law, Professor Hassan opened the honoring with a speech about his time at the University.

“I felt like I was a part of something significant,something big – it was a wonderful time in my life and I look back with happiness and fondness.”

“I’m sure my successor will prosper from the role as I have,” he ended.

Glowing testimonials continued from former colleagues,ex-academic secretary Professor Hamza Abu Gorun and Professor Abdul Gafar, the deputy vice-chancellor.

Principal and ex-dean of postgraduate studies, Dr Abbas Osman expressed his gratitude to the professor, saying: “Professor Hassan work ethic is unparalleled; he always stressed its importance. We hoped his time with us would be longer so we could learn more from him.”

Current Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Siham Mohamed Ahmed – who Prof Hassan described as his “right-hand” during his three year stay– had the most to say about UMST’s President.

“He is a forward-thinker and an admirable character – he helped shape the institute and always looked to the future and the bigger picture of how we can continue to grow and expand,” said Prof Siham.

She added: “His absence is most certainly felt, and his departure was a personal loss to me.”

Also in attendance to show their appreciation was the current academic secretary Dr Hassan Hilmi and Professor of Economics Hassan Kamal.

Following the speeches, Professor Hassan was presented with an award and sash for his invaluable time at Alzaiem Alazhari, concluding the honoring.