Dr Alawia Imam’s Pharmaceutical Development Center

Analytical Services

Chemical analysis of drugs.
Insecticide and herbicides residue analysis.
Mineralogical and soil analysis.
Environmentalists groups (occupational hygiene).
Analysis of toxic and carcinogenic minerals pollutants in water, soil and air.
Analysis of herbal preparations for safety and efficacy.
Oil content of seeds and fatty acid composition of vegetable oils.
Chemical Composition of Essential oils (volatile oils).
Analysis and separation of components of crude extracts.
Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial activity properties of essential oils.
Analysis of toxic and carcinogenic additives of Creams, ointments and cosmetics.
Analysis nutritive values of food commodities.
Analysis of additives of drinks and food commodities.
Analysis of milk and milk products.
Analysis of mycotoxins in food and feeds.
Analysis of precious minerals (gold, silver, copper etc) in samples of and rocks and sands.
Analysis of toxic minerals in food, feed and raw materials
Pesticides residue analysis in agricultural commodities (fruits, vegetables etc)
Quality Characteristics Analysis of chemical and pharmaceutical industries raw materials.
Diagnostic and clinical tests in blood, urine and plasma.