Academy Teaching Hospital

Clinical Services:

Department of Surgery

The Department of Surgery is an integral part of Academy Teaching Hospital. It is blessed by a good number of highly qualified general surgeons who are totally committed to provide the highest quality of up to date clinical services for various surgical conditions. The Surgical Department has three major surgical wards run by 6 general surgery units, 6 consultants and 6 senior specialists whose work is facilitated by first class surgical theatre turning the venue into a recognized training destination for surgical registrars. In addition to the outstanding admission services, the Department of Surgery operates 6 immaculate outpatient clinics.
The Department of Surgery at the Academy Teaching Hospital provides ENT services which include three outpatient clinics in addition to ENT surgeries.
Neurosurgery Services:
The Academy Teaching Hospital is proud of its acute neurosurgery services. The impressive facilities and the outstanding efforts combined to position the department as the leading center in providing neurosurgery services in Khartoum State and in Sudan at large. The department is run by four consultants and 6 senior specialists.
Urology Services:
The Department of Surgery at the Academy Teaching Hospital provides urology surgery services which include two outpatient clinics and urology surgeries. The Department also provides cystoscopy services.